Volunteer Experiences / 17 July 2018

Bee’s Top 11 Tips to know before your trip to Ghana!

Find out all the little things we think you need to know before you join your placement in Ghana!

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Volunteer Experiences / 02 July 2018

Iona’s experience at our Dog Rescue project in South Africa

Iona from the Pod Volunteer team shares her experience of her time at the Dog Rescue project!

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Volunteer Experiences / 20 June 2018

Lemurs, turtle rescue & lobsters – Josh’s tales from Madagascar

Josh shares his experience living and volunteering in Madagascar with our Conservation project team

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Volunteer Experiences / 01 June 2018

Learning the local language at our Ghanaian projects

Learn useful words and phrases in Twi, the local language at our volunteer projects in Ghana before your trip!

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