Volunteer Abroad Under 18


Under 18 volunteering is a great way of travelling to new parts of the world and helping worthwhile causes whilst being fully supported

Options for volunteers who are under the age of 18

Join one of our group trips for 16-17 year olds, accompanied by a dedicated Pod leader:

Alternatively you can volunteer with a friend or relative who is over the age of 18 on one of our family projects.

At Pod we believe that under 18s should be given the opportunity to volunteer overseas as the projects that we work with can benefit greatly from their hard work. We appreciate that under 18s often have a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for volunteering overseas and therefore we give under 18s the opportunity to join a group to experience this.

Which projects can you join?

Under 18 Group trips

Each year Pod runs a small number of specially designed under 18 group trips to one of our long term projects. The projects we join for the under 18 trip are very carefully chosen to ensure the maximum benefit for the project in country whilst also offering a fantastic experience to the volunteers. Our trips have a dedicated leader who will support you throughout the trip and be in regular communication with the Pod office in the UK.

We currently have two under 18 volunteering abroad trips:

Although the trip is for under 18s, we expect a level of maturity from all of our volunteers. The nature of volunteering in a developing country can be challenging but as a volunteer you are there to help the project and you will often find that the most challenging experience turn into the most rewarding ones when you pull together as a team and see the results of your hard work.

Family Volunteering

Join one of our family projects that can accept volunteers who are under the age of 18 if accompanied by a guardian.

Families can volunteer on community teaching projects, in children’s homes, animal rescue centres and on conservation projects around the world.

Pod liases with each of our volunteer projects to identify where under 18s are best suited and able to make a valuable contribution to their on-going work. We consider the nature of the work, risk levels, volunteer role and support we can provide onsite and these factors combine to determine the which of our projects are best suited for accommodating under 18 volunteer groups.

Why should you consider volunteering abroad before you turn 18?

Pod specialises in ethical, inspired and supported volunteer placements and by joining one of our under 18 trips or family placements you can expect an unforgettable, rewarding experience.

Volunteering can be a life changing experience and we feel that this kind of experience is especially beneficial to young people. Volunteering develops skills which are incredibly beneficial when entering the world of work or further education and will look fantastic on your CV. These skills include teamwork, independence, problem-solving, time management, organisation and decision-making.

You will experience a different culture whilst contributing to an on-going volunteer project which benefit greatly from having groups of volunteers join to support their fantastic work. The trips are focussed on assisting the project but we also make time for some relaxation and exploration of the local area.

"This trip was such a positive experience for our daughter! In fact, she has decided to study Animal Science in university and possibly become a Wildlife Vet! Thanks so much for the inspiration for this that you all and this trip provided!"


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