Safety and Support


Pod Volunteer takes the health and safety of our volunteers, our staff and local people very seriously


We take the health and safety of our volunteers, our staff and local people seriously.

In exploring our world, we are often exposed to greater risks than at home. Risk is an inevitable part of everyday life, no human activity is 100% safe and the further we get from familiar environments the greater these risks may become.

Whilst we do all that we can to minimise the risks that are within our control, it is central to our philosophy that some of the risks encountered whilst travelling, in part contribute to the adventure and learning experience to be had.

It should be recognised however that, by definition, where there is risk, serious accidents sometimes can and do happen. This should be understood and accepted by potential volunteers and their families.

While there are undoubted risks in travelling and living abroad it is important to recognise that these can generally be minimised by simple and sensible behaviours. The majority of people travelling and volunteering in the countries in which Pod Volunteer works have a healthy, enjoyable and trouble-free stay.

Pod’s Risk Management System

We have a staged approach to managing the risks and health and safety implications that may be encountered in our locations and placements:


  • Selecting countries and projects to work with
  • Assessing risks and threats


  • Partner project management
  • Volunteer selection
  • Volunteer information and briefing
  • Insurance
  • Incident Management and Emergency Response Plan
  • Emergency contacts and communication


  • Volunteer support
  • Incident and Emergency Response
  • Incident Reporting
  • Monitoring and Review

Pod Volunteer is a partner of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s ‘Know Before You Go’ Campaign.

Volunteers’ responsibility for risk management

For every country and project Pod Volunteer works with we undertake a process of risk assessment and management as described above. Pod Volunteer has identified ways to try to manage these risks but it is essential to recognise that risk management is also the volunteer's own responsibility as it often comes down to the choices we, as individuals, make while travelling and volunteering.