Volunteering for Over 50s


Pod offers fully supported placements around the globe and we will help you through the process every step of the way

Whether you are retired, working part-time, or an ’empty-nester’ keen to go do something for yourself, volunteering as an over 50 could be your next big adventure. Pod Volunteer can help make this possible.

You are never too old to take on new, exciting challenges and volunteering is a fantastic way to see the world and take on new experiences, while sharing a lifetime of skills and experiences with those less fortunate.

What volunteer projects for over 50s are there?

All of the projects we support are available to volunteers over 50. Mature volunteers are often able to offer more life experience, professional skills and time to projects. It can make a bigger difference. Such experience can be especially helpful in transferring skills to local project staff, creating a lasting legacy from your time volunteering abroad.

Please see our Find a project page to see what type of project you might want to get involved in from animal and conservation roles to working with children and communities, we have an incredible range of projects across Africa, Asia and the Americas!

What is the maximum age limit that can I volunteer?

There is no upper age limit to volunteering.  Our volunteers range from 16 to 70+ and volunteering is increasingly popular for the over 50s.

You will need to be fit enough to deal with the minor rigours of international travel, and check that the climate you are going to suits you, but otherwise there is no limitation. A few of the projects have more ‘rugged’ accommodation with fewer home comforts, but all are equally accessible to volunteers over 50.

Volunteering at an older age is more common than you think. If you have the confidence to work overseas in a different culture and climate, then we can help find a volunteer project to suit you.

Can I bring a partner or family member when I volunteer?

There are projects that can take multiple volunteers, plus some locations with multiple projects meaning you can all volunteer in one location, but during the day you might work in different projects or on different teams.

Alternatively your partner might just choose to travel or holiday alongside you, and we can suggest accommodation and a flexible itinerary to get the most of your shared goals.

Can I have my own private room?

We understand that for some volunteers it's important to have their own space and we have a great selection of projects where you can stay in your own private room, you can see the options here.

How long can over 50s volunteer for?                      

Older volunteers are no different from any of our other volunteers, except you might have more time. You can volunteer from 1 week to a year. You can largely travel any time of year as the projects run all year round, with the exception of some projects that will close for periods at various times of year.