Project & Pod News / 28 October 2020

Tinker’s journey to being released!

A young anteater was rescued, rehabilitated, and successfully released at the Wildlife Rescue project in Costa Rica

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Project & Pod News / 26 August 2020

Lionfish, lobsters & learning: Belize Conservation Achievements

We take a look at the amazing achievements of volunteers at our Reef Conservation project in Belize last year

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Project & Pod News / 18 August 2020

What is happening during lockdown at the Desert Elephant Conservation project in Namibia!

The team at the Desert Elephant Conservation project are keeping busy monitoring elephants and preparing for volunteers return!

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Volunteering & Travel Advice / 15 July 2020

Learning Malagasy for your trip to Madagascar

We’ve put together a few key phrases to help volunteers joining our Conservation project in Madagascar

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