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Children's Homes - Thailand

  • Help at children's homes set up after the 2004 Tsunami
  • Experience Thailand off the beaten track
  • Live at the homes and become part of the family, helping with daily life
Location Phang Nga province
Duration 1 - 12 weeks
Cost From £545 / $865


The children's homes we support share a common life-altering event. The tsunami of 2004 placed local children in a position to need a supportive, healthy place to call home. Thanks to the warm hearts and dedicated work of staff and volunteers, theses homes were set up giving the children a safe, positive environment in which to grow.

The Children's Homes we support


Children's Home - Patae

This children's home cares for 25 children and is running a number of initiatives to help become sustainable including running a bakery and cafe and selling food and products.


Children's Home - Bungwan

This children's home cares for 14 children and is focussing on organic farming as a means of generating income to support the ongoing running of the home.

Summer English Camp

The children's homes support the children in a family-orientated environment and since they were initially established after the tsunami have taken on other children who are in need of care.

Volunteering at the children's homes is a great chance to work with children from a variety of different backgrounds and is a very special experience. It is also a great way to immerse yourself in and learn about Thai culture.