We’ve travelled the world and found some of the most exciting expedition destinations and some truly worthwhile projects to volunteer at and support

Life changing expeditions for the Cadets

  • Focused volunteer work with local communities, animal care centres and conservation projects
  • Adventurous trekking, diving, white water rafting and mountain biking
  • Close up experience with local people and spectacular historical, cultural and natural world sites

Our cadet expeditions:

  • Provide deep leadership and resilience training
  • Work with and strengthen your unit’s rank structure
  • Give a focus to your annual training programme
  • Equip cadets and leaders with self confidence and world travel experience
  • Add strength to your recruitment campaigns
  • Enhance your unit’s profile in your local community

All our expeditions are in locations where we have detailed local knowledge and structured sustainable development programmes. This means that when your cadet team volunteers at one of our projects you can be sure that your contribution is part of a long term development plan. We only ever create expeditions that we would love to travel on ourselves!