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Get qualified for your education volunteer placement!

Whether you are a qualified teacher or completely new to the classroom, taking a short course in teaching English as a foreign language is a great way to prepare for your education volunteer placement.

In the majority of schools we work in, English lessons focus heavily on learning grammar through repetition. No doubt this is useful to students, but it often it means that they lack confidence in listening and speaking. Volunteers are able to add another level to this and use their knowledge as native English or advanced speakers to help to improve student’s conversational English. 

Whilst being a native or advanced English speaker gives you a huge advantage, it is also important prepare for your placement by researching effective ways of teaching. No matter what your level of experience, teaching in a new environment can be a challenge and taking an online course before your placement will help you to feel more prepared and confident. 

LRTT course

The LRTT (Limited Resource Teacher Training) online course is specifically designed for volunteers preparing for a placement overseas. 

This course is suited to both qualified and non-qualified teachers, as it focuses on the challenges of teaching in a classroom with limited resources. Many of the schools that we work with and where volunteers teach have little or no access to the internet and basic resources like textbooks and this course will help you prepare lessons that will engage students using just a blackboard and the materials you have to hand.

The course covers:

  • How to plan an effective lesson
  • Make lesson content relevant to pupils
  • Manage behaviour in the classroom
  • Use a variety of questioning techniques
  • Differentiate lessons for struggling learners
  • Differentiate lessons for fast learners
  • Use group work in the classroom effectively
  • Assess pupils learning effectively
  • Provide effective marking and feedback to pupils

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