Medical Policy


Pod Volunteer can often accept volunteers with medical conditions but it is important that you are in good physical and mental health for an overseas volunteer placement

Our projects are generally in challenging environments with limited local medical facilities so you should carefully consider the implications of travelling and volunteering overseas on your health.

If you have a significant medical condition, you should be prepared that there may be some difficulty in finding a project that we feel would not adversely affect your health and/or which can provide an appropriate level of medical support. Unfortunately, in some cases, your options for a volunteer project with Pod Volunteer may be limited because of health issues and occasionally, it may be impossible for Pod Volunteer to accommodate volunteers with certain medical circumstances.

We ask all volunteers about their medical background in our application form and it’s important to fully disclose any conditions so that we can help find the most appropriate project for you. We may need to ask you to complete a medical questionnaire and/or provide details of your doctor so that we can contact them. If you fail to disclose any information we may not be able to proceed with your application / project.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact us to discuss your project.