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About the charity

The community projects were established in 2006 when the team completed their first building project, a well, which allowed a village of more than 300 people to access safe drinking water.

The charity’s mission is to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children living in poverty in remote rural African villages. It works with the local community through sustainable partnerships and focuses on:

  • Improving access to clean drinking water
  • Increased sanitation
  • Improving education
  • Improving health care
  • Girl and women’s empowerment groups

The charity is based within the heart of a rural tropical community. It has built an information centre, health centres, schools and a library which help to educate the communities on health, hygiene, sanitation and family planning. The charity is also focusing on Clean Hands Saves Lives and Clean Water Saves Lives campaigns, educating the local community about using safe water and the importance of handwashing.

In your first few days in the village you will have an amazing introduction to the Chief, Elders and the community. The welcome ceremony involves a drinking ceremony which a customary shot of spirit to drink, one for you and one to the ground for the ancestors! The team in Ghana will talk you through some of the local customs during your first week and you can continue with local language and culture lessons throughout your placement.

The charity runs informal ‘Development Awareness’ sessions that you are able to get involved in, where the team look at development case studies from the project’s history to help deepen understanding around foreign aid and overseas development.