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Linn - 2017

"Today I had my last day here at the project and I could not have had a better last day. We saw like 20 elephants and they were all so close. Amazing! I have now been here for three weeks and I have had an amazing time here. This is such a great project with really determined people who wants to make a change and preserve the elephants and their habitat. The whole project is very complex and covers a lot of things. When I first got here I thought we would mostly observe elephants, but I love how that was not the case. Talking with farmers about the damage elephants have done, make them feel heard, coming up with solutions such as bio fences, all to protect the elephants. Also analyzing dung to learn where the elephants have been, what they have been eating and other interesting things. The sand traps and camera traps were also very interesting! The project is covering almost the whole problem which is superb!"

Rebecca - 2017

"I have spent 3 weeks volunteering, it has been an amazing time. I have learned a lot about elephants in general and other species, like birds, that live in Sri lanka, and I got aware of the elephant human conflicts. I had the chance to observe elephants in the wild in a beautiful environment. I had the chance to get in contact with local people, getting to learn more about their habits than what a normal tourist does. The conservation work we had to do every day is very interesting, the locations are stunning. The people that work together with the volunteers are really nice and helpful. The field house is placed in a wonderful spot, so the view is amazing as well as the surroundings, and although very basic, it is comfortable enough to live in."

Maddy - 2017

"The conservation project was amazing and a great opportunity that I will remember for the rest of my life. I really enjoyed being able to understand the human-elephant conflict of Sri Lanka and the measures this organization have put in place to reduce it. I have really enjoyed all the activities I got to experience while being here, especially visiting and interviewing farmers as well as visiting the National Park and seeing the beautiful elephants."

Anna - 2017

"I thoroughly enjoyed my week volunteering with this fantastic elephant conservation project. I have treasured this opportunity to partake in such important work as to ensuring the longevity of a healthy elephant population in this region of Sri Lanka. As a volunteer I believe I was well looked after and treated excellently by all staff members and fellow volunteers; which made making friends easy! My overall experience was a positive one which I will never forget! However, I felt as though you may be able to better optimize the man power supplied by the volunteers.

This was my first wildlife conservation volunteer project and such an incredible and joyous experience with you has motivated me to volunteer at more projects like this. I learnt valuable knowledge about the human elephant conflict in this region and hope to use this knowledge in future volunteering. Thank you so much for having me I have had the most amazing week!"

Kitty - 2017

"You will see some of the most beautiful countryside in the world and hear and see some of the most majestic animals and insects in the world. For those who feel this kind of thing might be out of your comfort zone, this is the first time I have done anything more adventurous than camping in a tent for a long weekend, and I’d do it all again, a million times.

I have learnt much about elephants and their behaviors and the history of them living in the same vicinity as villagers. The damage created by both and the process and projects that they have and are putting in place to improve and increase the longevity of both living together. An elephant can smell a bag of rice or a lump of salt from a great distance and will travel across land to get to it. However, they can be persuaded not to by the whiff of a lemon or lime tree…

The project is implementing the planting of citrus trees for the locals and teaching them the importance of why? This is just one revolutionary idea being put in place by the project and their volunteers for how the villagers can protect themselves against the elephants.  

I have been trekking (light trekking) across rice fields to monitor the electric fences. I have met villagers who have welcomed us onto their property to share their frightening experiences of elephants coming onto their land, damaging gardens and crops and homes. I have been to the lake and watched eagles, kingfishers, egrets, bee-eaters, pelicans – to mention a few bird species here. I’ve seen families of elephants with their babies and lone bulls meandering through the jungle living their lives naturally.

Not only have I been educated about the damage caused by both elephants and humans, I have done a little bit to help and by doing so I have had the most incredible time here.
It has been surreal and magical and at times sad. But an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I have met like-minded, honest, caring and funny people and had the pleasure of living in their company while here.  

The staff are very welcoming, super friendly, incredibly informative and helpful – not just with anything connected to the project, but places you want to see and best how to get there. The field house is rustic and basic and you live while you are here as one big happy family. Another fabulous experience."

Mark - 2017

"My experience here has been wonderful. I must say that in my past 19 years, I have not experienced anything like this. Firstly, it was great to learn about why there is human-elephant conflict and how it affects people’s lives. Moreover, I also got to know about the efforts put in to solve this problem in order to protect the elephant population and to create a better living environment for everyone. The various activities such as making sand traps, observing elephants, monitoring fences are really interesting and enriching. Last but not least, people I have met here are great. The staffs are friendly, kind and knowledgeable. I also met people from all over the world. Talking with these people really broadened my horizon. In a nutshell, it has been an amazing week and I really hope to come back soon in the near future."

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