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Help us to promote responsible volunteering and Pod Volunteer

As a non-profit organisation with a limited budget for marketing we rely on the support of past volunteers to help promote our volunteer placements. The biggest thanks you can give us is by recommending us!

Your support will help to make a positive difference to the projects we support and to future volunteers. We have been able to send more volunteers and assist more projects every year, thanks to continued support from our Pod Community of volunteers.

We are very proud to be a leading volunteer organisation arranging ethical, inspiring and supported volunteering opportunities around the world and it is great that you have chosen to be part of us too. Here are some ideas and opportunites that you could get involved in:

Write a review

Rate your volunteer placement with Pod on one or more of these sites:

Facebook and Twitter

Social media is a powerful tool for us and those considering volunteering would love to hear from a past volunteer directly. Write a review, post photos from your trip, share and like our posts or interact from other volunteers on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/podvolunteer

You can follow and interact with us on twitter @podvolunteer

Online Forums

You can answer any relevant volunteering queries on travel forums and tell others about your own volunteer experience with Pod:

Posters and flyers

Past volunteers have put up posters and given out fliers in their offices, school, canteens, universities, libraries, social clubs and universities - or even just for family and friends! If you would like us to send you posters and leaflets by post please send us an email with your postal address.

Fancy giving a talk?

You could give a talk to a work group, social group, school assembly, sixth form, college, university or any group of people that is interested! We can send you our Pod PowerPoint presentation which covers responsible travel and Pod volunteering.

Newspapers and magazines

Contact the media! Whether it is your local newspaper/specific interest magazine/radio/website/news site/employer newsletter/past school, college or university. Get in touch and see if they would be interested in featuring an article about your volunteering story.

Local media always love exciting travel volunteer and fundraising stories from local people!


Donate to the Pod Charity by organising a fundraising event or get the Pod Charity nominated as your business/university/society supported charity.

Get more involved - University Rep Scheme

If you are at University and would like to join our Pod Rep scheme please see our Rep Scheme page.

Any questions?

If you have any questions at all or other ideas not mentioned here please contact us at [email protected]


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