My time in Nepal - volunteer stories

Volunteer Experiences / 08 February 2017 My time in Nepal - volunteer stories

Karen travelled out to Nepal to volunteer for 10 weeks on our Child Care role alongside her friend Michelle who focused on the Sports Coaching role. When Karen and Michelle returned from Nepal we asked them about their experience and to let us know what life was like from the point of view of a volunteer as well as giving useful tips to future volunteers! A huge thanks to Karen and Michelle for sharing your photos and experiences with us.

Karen and Michelle

Michelle: “Nepal is a fantastic versatile country and choosing Nepal for your volunteering allows you to experience the people including how they live their lives as they are always happy to invite you into their homes to eat and chat with them and sometimes dance too.”

Kite Flying

Karen: “I've had the best 10 weeks ever. I was volunteering at Annapurna Primary, where you can get to know the children really well and you are given the freedom to really make a difference to their lives.”

Karen at Annapurna School

Michelle: “Go with an open mind as things change on a daily basis and so don't have any expectations, this will help you enjoy the volunteering and get the most out of it. The Nepali people make you feel very welcome and I felt that they couldn't do enough to help you.”

Street Children playing football

Karen: “Be prepared to work hard and be flexible, though. Bring buckets of energy and creativity: you'll be paid back tenfold with love and the satisfaction of seeing children really coming on. The street kids centre is just inspirational. They are truly the most remarkable young people”

Parachutes with the Street Children

Michelle: “Pod Volunteer allows you to be independent but always provides the support as and when needed depending on your own confidence and capabilities.”

Children at Annapurna

Karen: “How I felt all the way through: Thrilled, blessed, excited and inspired.”

Karen with her class

If you would like to find out more about our volunteering opportunites at our Child Care, Sports Coaching or Teaching placements in Nepal you can click here for more details.