Meet the cute new animal rescues

Project & Pod News / 30 December 2023 Meet the cute new animal rescues

The Wildlife Rescue project in Costa Rica receives new animal arrivals each week - animals who have been injured and need help from the vet care team, plus time to rest and recover. They hope that each animal that comes in can be released back into the wild, however, if they think the animal won't survive back in the wild they will care for it in the sanctuary. Pod volunteers help to provide foot and water for the animals at the sanctuary, and create enrichment activities which allow the animals to use their wild behaviours even when in captivity.

Meet some of the rescued animals:


Meet Pikachu

Pikachu is a capuchin monkey, who was brought in as a baby as one of his legs was injured by a machete. Sadly the wound was so bad that the leg needed to be amputated. However, he has made a fantastic recovery and is now almost on his way to be released!


Meet Kiko

Kiko is a baby porcupine that was brought in after he was found trapped alone under the flooring of a house. He is being cared for in the sanctuary’s animal nursery until he can be released back into the wild.


Meet Kevin

Kevin is a baby kinkajou who was taken to the rescue centre as he had a bad wound which had been infested with fly larvae. He is now in the process of rehabilitation, and on the road to being released.


Meet Ash

Ash is a baby raccoon who was found on the roadside in a box. A member of the community took him to the vets, who brought him to the rescue centre.  He is being cared for by the nursery team so he can be released soon once he is back to a healthy weight and has learned to fend for himself.


Meet Aragorn

Aragorn, Gandalf and Legolas are three owls that were found on the ground and brought to the centre. Aragon is suffering from pododermatitis (swollen feet) and is undergoing treatment but the three are on the right track to hopefully be released together soon.

If you would like to join the team and help animals like Aragorn, Ash and Pikachu then head over to our Wildlife Rescue page to find out more.