Interview with Katie from the Wildlife Rescue team in Thailand

Project & Pod News / 15 May 2024 Interview with Katie from the Wildlife Rescue team in Thailand

We loved chatting to our past volunteer Katie, who is now the Volunteer Manager at the Elephant Care and Wildlife Rescue project in Thailand. We found out all about how she ended up living in Thailand, the animals, her new family and her favourite foods! 

How did you first find out about the Wildlife Rescue project? 

Funnily enough, I found out about the Wildlife Rescue project through Pod Volunteer. I was just looking online on where to travel and Pod Volunteer had a lot of great places, as well as amazing reviews, so that's how I decided Thailand was the place I wanted to be. I was originally booked to be a volunteer for 7 weeks, but luck was on my side and a position came available to be a volunteer coordinator.

How long have you been working at the Wildlife Rescue project?

I started officially working in June 2019, so 5 amazing years now.


What do you think makes the Wildlife Rescue project so special?

When I first came as a volunteer, I was so amazed by all the different animals and I just felt an overwhelming love for the work and the incredible things everyone was doing here. Now that I have been here for so long, I feel like I have met so many people that just feel like family and I think working with people you love makes everything worth while. 


Which animal is your favourite and why (we promise not to tell the other animals!)?

When I first came, I felt like Pai Lin the elephant was my favourite for so long, just because I got to work with her so often and she was just a sweet old lady. Now she is still a favourite of mine, but I also have a soft spot for the macaques living here. I love how intelligent they are, they are so creative and in all honesty, they have so much personality that they make me laugh!


Where is your favourite place to visit in Thailand?

My favourite place is Phetchaburi, the main reason is because I haven't actually travelled around Thailand, funny I know. Unfortunately, the main reason was because of the Covid pandemic, so there wasn't an option to travel, but then later me and my partner found out that we were expecting a baby girl. So Phetchaburi holds a special place in my heart, 1) because this is where my home is and 2) this is where my family is.


What's your favourite Thai dish?

My goodness, where do I start with the food, it is all soooo good! I think the one dish I could eat 100% every time would be pla neung manao. It is a spicy limy fish dish and it is honestly the best! 10 out 10!

What do you miss most from the UK?

I’m not gonna lie, I do love being here in Thailand, but I do miss seeing my mom and brother everyday. Luckily we do have a weekly family call, so that does help, but one thing that does make me crazy is when they show me their Sunday dinner. Thailand has amazing food, but I have yet to find a good place that knows how to make a proper Sunday dinner, aka, YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS ????

If you would like to head to Thailand help Katie and the team look after the rescued elephants and wildlife then visit out project page to found out more here: