5 Top Tips for packing

Volunteering & Travel Advice / 10 July 2018 5 Top Tips for packing

Whether you are packing for a holiday, volunteer placement or the start of a longer trip around the world, Gemma from Pod Volunteer shares her Top 5 recommendations of things you can't leave home without!

1. Travel Towel

When packing for your travels, a travel towel is a must as standard towels take up so much of your luggage space. It is quick drying, and can easily double as a blanket on an over air-conditioned bus or train!

Gemma Pod Volunteer


2. International plug adapter

This will save you having to work out if you have packed the right adapter for your destination. Another great benefit of this is that you will be able to charge your phone when you are on a stop over on a long haul flight! If you're heading somewhere more intrepid, why not consider a portable charging kit!

Gemma Pod Volunteer


3. Small luxury from home

Travel often comes with it's highs and lows so it’s nice to have a small luxury to pick you up when you're feeling a little down. This item will be completely personal to you, but I have never travelled without several packets of my favourite mints! These are great when I feel home sick or travel sick, are refreshing after a long flight and a sugary pick me up after a long day exploring. 

Gemma Pod Volunteer

4. A large scarf or sarong

This will come in handy in many situations - it will keep you warm in the airport, cover your shoulders in a temple and act as a pillow in an uncomfortable bed! 

Gemma Pod Volunteer

5. A dry bag

A dry bag helps save you from some watery situations. I always keep my passport, important documents and phone in one when I am travelling. It has saved me from disaster when my water bottle lid comes off in my bag, my sunlotion leaks everywhere, plus the unexpected tropical rain downpour or accidental drop into water!  

Cambodia Elephants in water

Your specialised project packing list

At Pod Volunteer we provide you with a suggested kit list in our Planning Your Trip Guide and each packing list is unique to the project you are joining. 

Finding the best equipment for your trip

We also work with the wonderful team at Outdoor365 to provide high quality equipment for volunteers - you can get a 10% discount with the code "10OFFPOD". Everything on the list has been selected for its durability, effectiveness and value, so you can be sure you are heading off with quality equipment. Click here to see their kit list.

Happy packing!