Amazon Conservation in Peru Internship

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Mutlimedia internship

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The multimedia internship programme provides environmental communications training based at a research centre in the Peruvian Amazon which is a leading research and experiential learning organisation in the Manu Biospere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. 

The internship is a career development programme that gives an in-depth insight into environmental, social and economic issues, while providing practical workshops and field-based training in multimedia skills - from writing and marketing to photography, filmmaking and design. Along with these specific topics, the intern programme incorporates training in transferable skills: leadership, team work, creative thinking, organisation, time management, verbal communication and presentation skills. 

The aim of the internship is to produce knowledgeable and dedicated environmental communicators, with the skills to inspire action for the rainforest protection and people empowerment. 

The internship offer structured learning through our programmes, delivered through one-to-one mentoring and weekly training workshops. The internship goes beyond teaching skills required to plan and produce multimedia projects as it also focus on the professional and personal skills sought by employers to enhance your career prospects. You will work with an international team of likeminded people, all driven by their passion to create a sustainable future for the Amazon. 

This journalism internship programme has been created to help school leavers, recent graduates and career breakers develop specific multimedia skills in environmental communications through hands-on expert training that's tailored to your needs. By the end of the internship, you will have a portfolio of work that will showcase your written, photographic, video and design skills to future employers.

The multimedia internship has the following learning outcome objectives: 

  • To produce a professional portfolio of published multimedia work – writing, photography, filmography and design – in order to showcase a diverse skill-set to future employers
  • To understand the scientific process and the efforts made to conserve biodiversity by working alongside conservation researchers in the field
  • To meet local people and gain knowledge about the sustainability solutions they’re developing to improve their livelihoods and living standards
  • To enhance career confidence and gain an insight into various employment options, by utilizing the careers advice available during group workshops and one-on-one tutorials
  • + To have a fun, challenging and life-changing experience in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth while being part of an international community of like-minded people with a passion to support a sustainable Amazon

Internship schedule

We have set out the planned itinerary below for your multimedia internship. Please note that this is an outline only and the specific schedule may change depending on the needs and conditions at the time.

Day 1 – Arrival

  • Meet a member of the team at Cusco airport
  • Briefing on your schedule and transfer to your hotel; You will spend your first two nights in a hotel in historic centre of Cusco

Note: the team stays for two days in Cusco as it is common for luggage to be mislaid or flight connections to be missed.

Day 2 – Cusco

  • Meet the rest of your volunteer and intern team
  • Introduction presentation to the project
  • Traditional lunch and short tour of Cusco
  • Late afternoon free time to relax or explore the city

Day 3 – Transfer to the centre

  • Start your journey early in the morning, which takes you through the Andes mountain villages and countryside, to a height of 4,100 metres before starting the descent through the lush cloud forest to the river
  • You will stop in mountain communities and visit a special area in the cloud forest (known as a Lek) where stunning orange and black birds called Cock of the Rock birds congregate in a group almost daily. These are Peru’s national birds and if you are lucky you will see several male birds perform their unusual mating display
  • You will stay one night in a lodge in the cloud forest before the final leg of the journey to the research base during daylight the next day

Day 4 – Arrival at the centre

  • Morning tour of a cocoa plantation to learn about the local community
  • Travel down to the river and 45 minute boat ride to the research centre
  • Short steep hike up from the river to the centre and your accommodation

Day 5-6

  • Receive inductions, conservation research training, an ecology walk, introduction to species ID and health and safety briefings (2 week volunteers receive a shortened training programme)

Day 7

  • Day off

Week 2

  • Conservation and community project introduction and training

Week 3

  • Writing workshops and assignments

Week 4

  • Photography workshops and assignments

Week 5

  • Filmmaking workshops and assignments

Week 6

  • Podcast workshops and assignments

Week 7

  • Design workshops and assignments

Week 8

  • Issues & Debates workshops and assignments

Week 9

  • Career Development workshops and assignments

Week 10

  • Photography and film post-production

Week 11

  • Presentations & Public Speaking workshops and assignments

Week 12

  • Portfolio creation and presentations
  • Travel from centre to Cusco
  • Depart

Interns should expect a mix of early mornings and late days according to what surveys they are assisting. Generally birding surveys start early around 5am whereas surveys for amphibians and reptiles may not return 11pm. Volunteers will not be expected to have a back to back late night/early morning shift.

Volunteers joining the 24 week internship will have further time to capture footage from the rainforest and will complete additional projects. 

Equipment needed

In addition to the standard volunteer packing requirements which our outlined in the Amazon Conservation volunteer Guide, multimedia interns must bring:


Assignments will need to be typed and submitted to the Media Intern Leader. Basic editing software, such as Movie Maker, will be needed.

If you are able to invest in the best industry standard, we highly recommend Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom


  • We highly recommend a camera that you can take out of auto mode, so that you can change the aperture and shutter speed and that can shoot video
  • cameras user manual
  • 2 spare camera batteries
  • tripod
  • camera bag with waterproof cover
  • camera microphone - Some camera’s inbuilt microphones are of poor quality and do not produce clear audio recording so we recommend checking the quality of the audio produced by your camera and assessing whether you would like to invest in an external microphone
  • camera lenses - This will depend on what you want to achieve with your photography and how much you can afford to invest. If you decide to get more lenses, then it is crucial to purchase high quality ones. A basic set of lenses would include: a macro lens, a wide angle lens and a long lens
  • External flash - If you are interested in creative night-time photography
  • Remote trigger - If you are interested in time-lapse photography
  • Lens filters - This will improve your image by filtering UV light, as well as protecting your lenses
  • Spare SD cards

Dictaphone Recording device - Required for interviews and producing podcasts

USB stick - Required to share assignments with the Media Intern Leader

External hard drive - To back up your work throughout your placement

Small notebook and pen - An essential piece of equipment for all journalists. Waterproof notebooks are a better option but not essential

Dry bags and silica gel sachets - Electronic equipment must be kept in waterproof dry bags at all times, with silica gel sachets inside to protect against rain and humidity. This is vital or your equipment will get damaged


Please note that the project is unable to provide any electronic equipment.