Types of Volunteering

Find out more about the different types of voluntering you can get involved in

Pod Volunteer connects volunteers to a wide range of different volunteering projects around the world

Pod Volunteer organises carefully selected volunteering opportunities abroad where there is a genuine need for volunteers, giving you the perfect opportunity to travel to amazing parts of the world and give something back at the same time. Our volunteering activities involve working with animals, conservation, building, community development, child care and education.

Animal rescue and animal care volunteering

Animal care and rescue volunteer projects involving work with a range of wild and domestic animals. Make a difference to the lives of elephants, monkeys, bears, leopards, jaguars, horses, dogs, cats, turtles and a variety of tropical birds and reptiles.

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Conservation volunteering

Land, animal and marine based conservation volunteering projects where you can get involved in research and conservation initiatives. From reef and marine conservation to working in the Amazon jungle, you’ll experience and help some of the most amazing habitats in the world.

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Building & community volunteering

Community based volunteering including building work, maintenance and supporting overseas charities to fundraise and raise awareness.

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Volunteering with children

Volunteering with children involves providing a much needed support role to local staff in  day care centres, after school clubs and other children related projects.

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Education, teaching and sports volunteering

A range of education volunteering, including teaching abroad, teaching English, community education, sports coaching and English camps. Volunteers work alongside local teachers, using their skills and experience to supplement the current curriculum and help engage the students.

Find out more about our education, teaching abroad and sports coaching volunteering opportunities

Short term volunteering

We specialise in ethical 1 - 3 week short term volunteering projects that make a holiday with a difference. You can either volunteer as a holiday in itself or combine it with other travels before or after volunteering, all our projects are in amazinf parts of the world to explore.

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Summer volunteering

The summer is still the most popular period for travel and many of our volunteering projects are available for summer volunteering, in July and August.

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Christmas volunteering

We have a number of our volunteering projects that are available either over Christmas itself or just before or after in December so you can take part in Christmas volunteering.

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Combining volunteering activities

It’s also possible to combine any of our volunteering projects, either within the same country or across the globe! We give a £75 discount for every additional project you volunteer on.

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