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The Animal Rescue was established in 2002 as a response to the number of injured animals on the streets of Udaipur and the team rescue and treat more than 3,500 animals each year. The project works to treat and provide care for the injured animals but their ultimate aim is to bring an end to the abuse of all animals in the city. The team are extremely motivated in caring for these animals and most of the staff at the centre live by vegan principles.

Many of the dogs at the centre are paralysed and undergo hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions to help them regain use of their limbs. Some of the dogs are blind so it dangerous for them to be released back not the street so they live in a special area. At the back of the centre there is an area of land where donkeys, cows, pigs and some dogs the animals can to roam, play, sleep and investigate throughout the day.

Some of the cows that the centre rescues are seriously ill or injured after being hit by vehicles or are sick from ingesting plastic. These cows kept in the hospice sanctuary at the centre because euthanizing cows in Rajasthan is against the law but they are given painkillers to make their final days more comfortable for them. Volunteers can work with the local team to comfort the cows before they pass away.

The centre runs 2 ambulances which respond to calls from concerned people who have seen injured or distressed animals around the city of Udaipur. They collect severely injured animals and they are taken to the rescue centre. The centre is able to provide veterinary treatment and care to animals who would otherwise be left to fend for themselves.


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